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GradReps finally LAUNCHES in the US

After almost 15 years of teaching and coaching students of all ages, Douglas Peek, founder of GradReps, officially launches the website and partners with local business professionals and educational institutions across the nation. ”There’s always been a gap in the journey between education and employment… finally, GradReps, offers the tools and resources one needs to get to the other side,” said Peek, a lifetime Knoxville native and graduate of the University of Tennessee Knoxville in the College of Arts and Sciences- Communications department.

GradReps was a dream Peek developed as he taught at the University of Tennessee as an adjunct lecturer for the College of Communications for just under 10 years. ”I realized that it wasn’t just my graduating seniors that weren’t prepared for interviewing for their dream job…it seemed as if no one had their resumes ready or their next steps outlined.” Peek quickly started coaching his pending graduates one at a time for their first ‘real world’ interviews. His process included analyzing where they had been, what they had done, and where they wanted to go after graduation. Peek mentioned that most students had a ‘shell’ of a resume that they seemingly had strung along over the years from high school into their college career, but most didn’t really have anything updated or prepared for that first job posting or interview. ”It was something I became SO passionate about…I literally met with students before work, after work, during class and even on weekends!” As a medical device sales representative, Peek knew the power of always being ‘ready for the case’ and his drive and influence combined with the relentless desire to help students very similar to himself get to the next step of their journey, began something that would ultimately push him to develop a website that offers a free membership to ANYONE with resources to publications, podcasts, and blogs as well as opportunities to connect with business professionals across the nation. GradReps, powered by Grad-a-pult, is striving to become the ‘one stop shop’ for anyone trying to take their interviewing game to the next level whether they’re just out of college, in between careers, or even thinking about starting their OWN business. GradReps meets each individual where ever they come from…and Gradapults them to THEIR next step in life!

To learn more and even schedule your own consultative session…visit or reach out to Douglas Peek personally at 865.235.7164.

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